Cake Flavours

All of my cakes come in a range of flavours and are made bespoke to your requirements. Below is a list of the most popular flavours, but the list is nearly endless – if you have other flavour options in mind just let me know. Remember, you can choose a different flavour for each tier.

Any of the below can be made with gluten-free flour


Vanilla based sponges:

Double vanilla: Buttermilk vanilla cake with vanilla meringued buttercream filling


Cosmo: Buttermilk vanilla cake with chocolate ganache filling (dark or milk chocolate)


Salted caramel: Buttermilk vanilla cake, filled with meringued buttercream and home made salted caramel


White Dulce: Vanilla cake with meringued vanilla buttercream and dulce de leche filling


Tiramisu: Moist vanilla cake, lightly soaked with Amaretto and coffee syrup, mascarpone and cocoa powder filling


Bailey´s: Vanilla cake, soaked in a Bailey´s syrup, cocoa buttercream filling


Praline: vanilla cake with caramelized almonds. Filled with praline buttercream and praline cream


Lemon: Moist lemon cake filled with vanilla buttercream, home made lemon curd and meringue


Key lime: Moist vanilla cake with lime zests, infused with lime juice syrup. Vanilla buttercream  and lime curd filling


Jam & Cream: Vanilla cake, filled with vanilla buttercream and jam. (strawberry or raspberry)




Chocolate based sponges:

Chocolate lover: Rich chocolate cake with vanilla meringued buttercream filling


Chocaholic: Rich chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache filling


Milkaholic: Rich chocolate cake with milk chocolate ganache filling


Chocobiscuit: Rich chocolate cake with a chocolate biscuit filling (chocolate ganache, tea biscuits and optional marshmallows)


Mokamotion: Rich chocolate cake with moka buttercream filling


Black Dulce: Rich chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream and dulce de leche filling




Other cakes:

Pink Lady (our bestseller!) Cake with fresh raspberries. Filled with meringued vanilla buttercream and fresh raspberries.


Purple lady: Cake with fresh forest fruits. Filled with meringued vanilla buttercream and fresh forest fruits

Strawberry Tart: Strawberry tart flavoured cake lightly dipped in Kirsh syrup. Filled with vanilla buttercream and fresh strawberries.


God save the Queen: Traditional English fruit cake, soaked in Brandy. Only available when ordering 2 months prior to the event


Carrot cake: Extra moist carrot cake. Cream cheese filling


Red Velvet: Red cocoa and vanilla cake. Cream cheese filling


Ptichye Moloko: Russian sponge cake dipped in syrup. Melted dark chocolate and sour cream custard mousse filling


Customer is always right:

  • Cakes soaked with rhum, brandy, baileys, or any other alcohol you like

  • Cake filled with other fruits than the ones offered in our menu

  • Keep in mind that our team is very flexible, if you have a favourite cake flavour or recipe that we don´t offer above, we´ll bake it for you!


Special diets:

Eggless cake: Vanilla cake, with NO eggs. Buttercream filling (butter and icing sugar)


Gluten free: All our flavours are available with a gluten free option


Vegan: Cooked vegan (which can be decorated) or raw vegan


Kosher: Our Kosher cakes are baked under the supervision of Rabbi Marcos Cohen and come with a Kosher certification.



Other goodies:

Cupcakes: Available in any flavour, colour and decorations. Individual or in tower


Macarons: Available in 18 different flavours. Can be customised to your colours and/or initials

Available both individual or in towers


Giant fruit pie: Cake sponge base, with pastry cream and fruits of your liking. Can feed up to 80 people. Comes in any shape. A great alternative to the traditional wedding cake


Pavlova: Meringue nests filled with crème Chantilly and fresh fruits. Available up to 6 tiers


Croquembouche Choux pastries: Filled with vanilla crème patissière. Available both individual or in towers


Cake pops: Available in any flavour, colour and decorations


Meringues: Available in any customized colour, shape and size. Both individual or in towers ( a great economical filler on any desert table)


Mini pavlovas: Individual meringue nests, filled with Chantilly cream and fresh fruits


Tiramisu shots: Shot glasses with tiramisu cake


Lemon shots: Shot glasses with a destructured lemon cake


Chocolate mousse shots: Dark or milk chocolate


Yogurt mousse shots: Yogurt mousse with a fruit coulis.


Customized donuts: In any colour you wish. Can be customized to resemble a unicorn, a swan, etc. Individual or in tower