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What is fondant and why should you choose it for your cake

Many people ask us about fondant. Fondant was originally used to cover fruitcakes that were shipped from England to the New World and has been used in Europe and Australia for centuries. Fondant recently gained popularity because of its incomparably smooth finish. Fondant is an edible sugar paste made of powdered sugar, gelatin, glucose, glycerin, and water, and is used only as an icing (not a filling).

Because fondant firms up, it is easy to handle, and we find that guests who don't like fondant will simply peel it off. We prefer to cover cakes in fondant both for aesthetic reasons and because it helps keep the cake fresh. Marbella weddings usually take place during the hot (very hot!) season, and it's the best way for us to ensure that your cake will stay beautiful and intact while on display during drinks and dinner. It's also the perfect medium to create the most stunning and realistic flowers and decorations.

Some people like it, and some don't. However, we work with the best fondants brands! Our to go fondant is Massa Ticino by Callebault, one of the leading Belgian chocolate makers. It's the most expensive one on the market, but worth every penny! Once you have tried it you will never think again that it is too sweet or tastes chemical, it's a piece of heaven in your mouth. We also roll it very thin, so there's never too much fondant compared to your cake.

For our Kosher and Halal cake we use the renown Satin Ice fondant, it has a very nice vanilla taste and no chemical after taste. It has been tried and approved by all our beautiful couples.

We also do all buttercream cakes, but these are more versatile once it comes to tolerating heat. They won't resist showcasing and should only be brought out at cake cutting time!

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