• Omaya Bellavoine

What size cake will I need?

There are 2 main points to take into consideration: The number of servings you need and how much of an impact you want the cake to be.

Obviously a cake to serve 10 will be quite small,and only have one tier. But if you're going for something bigger, for instance 2 or 3 tiers, then we are always happy creating bigger cakes using fake tiers.

Please do keep in mind when ordering that the costly part of the cake is the decorations vs the filling. It's sometimes time consuming and we charge accordingly

The fake tiers are covered with sugar and decorated just the way a real cake would be.

Also will there be only children eating the cake or adults too. Children tend to have smaller portions than a grown up.

***Please note: Any cake you see can be made

in either a larger or smaller version, and in any colours you wish. Don't

choose your cake style solely by the size or colour you see in pictures.

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